ACAS is now open source!

ACAS's mission is to record and report every experiment performed on every molecule in your collection.

An intuitive data input format facilitates rapid assay data capture. We make entering your data quick and easy.

Additional modules build on ACAS to further your analysis. Register compounds, analyze plates, fit curves, and more. ACAS also functions as an ELN.

We build custom experiment loaders to satisfy your requirements. Have us integrate your existing system with ours. Let us work with your scientists to create the tools they really need.

How to get

There are two key innovations that make this possible. First, ACAS has a proprietary database design that we developed over the last decade. This database is capable of storing any kind of experiment and reporting to a variety of tools, like our DataViewer, Microsoft Excel, Spotfire, or Schrodinger LiveDesign. When new types of assays are loaded, they are reported, along with all the descriptive information required to understand the data. You do not have to do anything besides load the experiment. No configurations or template setups are required.

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